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British Regiments Leading Up To The War


The following is a brief outline of the history of the British Regiments that were stationed at Fort St. Joseph on St. Joseph Island leading up to the War of 1812.

1796 – In the spring, Lieutenant Andrew Foster and the 24th Regiment helped survey and clear the land for Fort St. Joseph.

1796 – The establishment of the British Indian Department.

1796 – In the fall, Ensign Leonard Brown and twelve men from the Queen’s Rangers replaced the 24th Regiment.

1801 – Captain Peter Drummond and 42 men from the Royal Canadian Volunteers assisted with the construction of Fort St. Joseph.

1802 – Captain Alexander Clerk and men from the 49th Regiment assumed responsibility of Fort St. Joseph.

1805 – Captain Arthur Trew and the 41st Regiment arrived at the Fort.

1809 – Captain Thomas Dawson commanded a detachment of the 100th Regiment at Fort St. Joseph.

1811 – In September 1811, “Fort St. Joseph’s most famous commander”, Captain Charles Roberts, took charge of the Fort with the 10th Royal Veterans Regiment.

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