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Dental Implant Treatment at Odontocare

Patients who have lost their teeth need not despair, as dental implants have achieved avery high rate of success. The “pain”, ifany, associated with dental implants, is far lesser than any dental extraction, so that complete oral rehabilitation is a realistically achievable goal. Even, with complete denture wearers, the dental implants have made a huge difference to the quality of life, as the lower denture feels, like their very own teeth.

Dental implants have undergone a big change since their inception. Nowadays, implant treatment is all about planning before the actual treatment, so that the actual implant placement is actually a walk in the park. Careful use of the digital OPG as well as Cone beam CT, which gives a three dimensional view of your jaws have totally revolutionized dental implants. Talk to us, about how we could achieve this.

Successful Dental implants are not only about getting screws inside the jaws, and then eventually having the crowns on, so that the patients can be sent on their way but is much more about careful evaluation of every case. The soft tissues surrounding the dental implants can be very notorious and can cause failing of the implant, either by producing inflammation in abundance or by moving away, from the dental implant causing black holes to appear which can be a great esthetic concern.

It is very essential to have a good frank discussion at the first appointment wherein each one of us, brings to the table, what needs to be achieved and what could be achieved in reality.

Dental implants are an option for tooth loss which can be single, multiple or total. All you need to do is attend our clinic for a check up.

Even, after the successful placement of crown on top of the dental implant, it is very essential to attend every 6 months, so that the soft and hard tissue around the implant can be evaluated for good health and any issue can be addressed before it escalates into a loss of implant.