History THIS WAS THE FIRST MILITARY MANEUVER (and without bloodshed), IN THE WAR OF 1812.

Chronology – War Of 1812

Sault Ste. Marie, the community beside the rapids, is one of the oldest settlements in North America.

War Of 1812 – Algoma:

In June 1812, Major General Isaac Brock issued a request to Captain Roberts to form alliances in the north along the St. Mary’s in order to protect and preserve the British side of the river and the related Trade Routes.

Voyageurs & North West Company In 1812

In 1812 the North West Company’s entire year’s profits in traded furs were paddled by the voyageurs through the company’s “bateau lock” at Sault Ste. Marie (a replica is still visible in the front yard of the St. Mary’s Paper Company).

Major Events Of The War Of 1812

U.S. declares war on Great Britain over maritime interference and supposed British support of the native war effort to halt colonization in the US mid-west

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